Unlocking the Potential of SaunaFS Architecture

Welcome to SaunaFS, a robust distributed POSIX file system meticulously designed to revolutionize your storage solutions by offering unmatched efficiency, security, and redundancy. At its core, SaunaFS is a distributed file system primarily written in C++, inspired by the pioneering concepts introduced by .

Architecture Breakdown

SaunaFS is organized into distinct components to ensure seamless operation:

Architecture Breakdown
Metadata Servers

(Master, Shadows, and Metaloggers)

The master server, shadows, and meta loggers collectively oversee the management of metadata, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of your data.
Data Servers


Chunkservers are responsible for storing the actual data in chunks, making data retrieval and management efficient and scalable.

(Native Linux/Windows/ MacOS, NFS)

Windows MacOS Linux Ganesha
SaunaFS supports a range of clients, allowing for compatibility with native Linux and Windows environments as well as NFS (Network File System) integration.

Chunk server Functionality

Within the Chunkserver component, SaunaFS operates with precision:

Chunk-based Storage

Files are broken down into manageable chunks, with each chunk accommodating data up to 64 MiB in size.

These chunks are further logically divided into blocks of 64 KiB, representing the minimum block size within the system.

Data Integrity with CRC

To maintain data integrity, each block includes 4 bytes of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) stored within the chunk's metadata.

SaunaFS Architecture

Simplified writing process

When a client seeks to create a file and write data to it, SaunaFS ensures a streamlined process:

Simplified writing process
Client Request
The client initiates a request with the Master server to determine the suitable Chunkservers to store the first chunk of the file.
Direct Data Transfer

The client establishes a direct connection with the Chunkservers identified in the previous step.

Data transmission occurs in blocks of 64 KiB, supplemented with 4 bytes of CRC for each block.

Data Verification and Storage

Chunkservers play a critical role in the data transmission process. They verify the CRC of received data blocks to maintain data integrity.

Upon verification, data is efficiently written to the storage devices, and metadata is updated as necessary, ensuring the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Redundancy with Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding (EC4+2 example)

Redundancy with Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding (EC4+2 example)
SaunaFS is organized into distinct components to ensure seamless operation:

Example File: File_01_65_MiB_goal_ec42.dat

  • The file is divided into 4 data parts, each containing up to 16 MiB of data.
  • Total data size: 4 x 16 MiB + 4 x 0.25 MiB = 65 MiB of DATA.

Parity Generation

  • For every 4 pieces of data, SaunaFS creates two PARITY pieces of the same size.
  • This redundancy ensures data integrity and availability even in the event of hardware failures or data corruption.
Parity Generation

Enhanced Data Resiliency

SaunaFS elevates data storage standards by not only incorporating Reed-Solomon erasure coding for robust redundancy but also by implementing additional measures for rapid failure detection and correction. It constantly performs data scrubbing and verifies the integrity of data chunks by ensuring the CRC32 checksum matches the control sum. This meticulous process guarantees that your data remains uncorrupted and secure.

With these advanced features, SaunaFS offers unparalleled data protection and reliability. It's an ideal solution for both small-scale file management and handling extensive data sets, making it a preferred choice for progressive, data-intensive enterprises seeking confidence and efficiency in their data storage solutions.

Experience the Power of SaunaFS

SaunaFS is more than just a distributed file system; it's a powerful solution designed to elevate your data storage experience. Explore the outstanding features and benefits that set SaunaFS apart from the rest.

Instant Copy-on-Write Snapshots for Immutability Implementation


SaunaFS incorporates instant copy-on-write snapshots, a cutting-edge feature that ensures the immutability and integrity of your data.

Features and Benefits
Data Preservation
Instant snapshots capture the state of your data at a specific point in time, providing a historical record of your files and ensuring they remain unaltered.
Data Recovery
In the event of accidental deletions or data corruption, snapshots enable quick and easy data recovery, minimizing downtime and data loss.
Efficient Storage
SaunaFS's copy-on-write mechanism optimizes storage space by only storing changes, reducing storage costs while maintaining data history.

Detailed and Fast Metadata Logging for Advanced Security Analysis


SaunaFS offers detailed and fast metadata logging, empowering organizations with advanced security analysis capabilities. Support of access time attributes for files and folders (though this feature is disabled by default for performance reasons).

You'll be pleased to hear that our file system offers comprehensive logged and historical data on all operations, enabling a wide range of intriguing analyses, such as usage frequency. Importantly, this can be done without any detrimental impact on the performance of the storage system.

Enhanced Security Insights
The detailed metadata logs capture every action, providing a comprehensive audit trail for security analysis, compliance, and forensic investigations.
Rapid Search and Analysis
Fast metadata logging ensures that security professionals can quickly search and analyze metadata to detect and respond to security incidents promptly.
SaunaFS's logging capabilities aid in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing a detailed record of file access and changes.

Seamless Hardware Refresh and Addition Without Downtime


SaunaFS's architecture allows for full hardware refresh and capacity addition without any disruption to your data access.

Features and Benefits
Continuous Operation
Upgrading or adding new hardware components can be done seamlessly without interrupting your data operations, ensuring uninterrupted service.
SaunaFS's flexibility enables organizations to scale their storage infrastructure to meet growing data demands effortlessly.
Cost Efficiency
With the ability to upgrade hardware without downtime, organizations can optimize their infrastructure for cost savings and efficiency.


SaunaFS combines innovative features with tangible benefits to provide a robust and versatile distributed file system. From ensuring data immutability and security analysis to enabling effortless hardware scalability, SaunaFS empowers organizations to manage their data with confidence and agility.

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Discover How SaunaFS Empowers Various Industries

SaunaFS isn't just a storage solution; it's a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of use cases and verticals. Explore how SaunaFS can transform your organization's data management while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Use Cases

Backup and Recovery

SaunaFS ensures data integrity and accessibility, making it the ideal choice for backup and recovery solutions.


Secure your data and ensure rapid recovery in case of data loss.

Archiving and Compliance

SaunaFS's detailed metadata logging supports compliance requirements, making it suitable for archiving sensitive data.


Maintain data compliance while preserving historical records.

Big Data and Analytics

SaunaFS's scalability and performance capabilities make it a valuable asset for managing and analyzing large datasets.


Harness the power of big data analytics without bottlenecks.

Media and Entertainment

SaunaFS's high-throughput capabilities are ideal for media storage and video editing workflows.


Streamline media production and post-production processes.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

SaunaFS ensures data security and immutability, meeting the stringent requirements of healthcare data management.


Safeguard sensitive patient data and research results.

IoT and Edge Computing

SaunaFS's efficiency and low latency make it suitable for IoT and edge computing deployments.


Support real-time data processing at the edge.


SaunaFS caters to a diverse range of verticals, including but not limited to:


Empower your organization with scalable and secure data management while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Research Institutions

Safeguard research data, ensure data integrity, and streamline collaboration.

Government and Public Sector

Meet data compliance requirements, enhance data security, and enable efficient data access.


Manage large product catalogs and customer data with ease, ensuring rapid data retrieval.


Securely store and manage educational content, enabling seamless access for students and educators.

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Partnership and Vendor Lock-In Avoidance

Are you ready to revolutionize your data management while avoiding the limitations of vendor lock-in?

SaunaFS invites both potential partners and customers to explore collaboration opportunities and harness the benefits of a storage solution that puts you in control.

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