SaunaFS seamlessly integrates with a variety of platforms and technologies to provide you with a flexible and versatile storage solution. These integrations demonstrate SaunaFS's adaptability and versatility, allowing you to choose the platform that best suits your needs while enjoying the robustness and efficiency of SaunaFS's distributed file system. Whether you're using Windows, MacOS, Linux, NFS, or S3-based services, SaunaFS seamlessly fits into your infrastructure, enhancing your data management capabilities.

Explore our integrations to see how SaunaFS can fit into your ecosystem

Proprietary SaunaFS Windows Client

Experience SaunaFS on the Windows platform with our proprietary client.
Our Windows client offers:
Native Integration

Seamlessly integrate SaunaFS with your Windows environment, making it an integral part of your workflow.

Efficient File Access

Enjoy fast and reliable access to your SaunaFS storage from your Windows machines.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface ensures ease of use and straightforward navigation.

Proprietary SaunaFS MacOS Client

For MacOS users, our proprietary client brings the power of SaunaFS to your Mac devices.
Our MacOS client offers:
Mac Compatibility

Enjoy SaunaFS compatibility with MacOS for a seamless user experience.

Effortless Data Management

Easily manage your data on SaunaFS from your MacOS devices, streamlining your workflow.

Optimized Performance

Benefit from optimized performance for smooth data access and operations.

GPLv3 FUSE SaunaFS Linux Client

Our GPLv3 FUSE Linux client extends SaunaFS support to Linux environments:
Linux Integration

Integrate SaunaFS into your Linux-based systems using the FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) framework.

Open-Source Freedom

Embrace the open-source nature of our Linux client, allowing for customization and community-driven development.

Enhanced Flexibility

Leverage SaunaFS's Linux client to enhance the flexibility of your data storage infrastructure.

NFS-Ganesha Server

SaunaFS effortlessly integrates with the NFS-Ganesha server for NFS (Network File System).
NFS-Ganesha Server
Our client offers:
NFS Compatibility

Share and access data through the NFSv4.1 protocol, a widely used standard in networked storage environments.


Collaborate seamlessly with systems and applications that rely on NFS for data access.

Scalable Solutions

NFS-Ganesha integration ensures scalability and reliability in your storage ecosystem.

SaunaFS S3 Gateway

Our S3 gateway opens up a world of possibilities for SaunaFS, making it compatible with S3-based applications and services.
SaunaFS S3 Gateway
Our client offers:
S3 Compatibility

Seamlessly connect SaunaFS to S3-compatible applications and services.

Cloud Integration

Leverage SaunaFS to create your own private cloud storage solution with S3 compatibility.

Versatile Data Access

Access your SaunaFS data using the same APIs and tools you use for S3, expanding your storage options.

If you haven't found the specific integration you need,

let us craft a custom solution tailored precisely to your requirements.

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